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In Great Company for Cooking

Our team is committed to providing you with a fun and memorable experience

About Sue

Siew Hong (Sue) was originally from Penang, Malaysia, and has been a food buyer in the UK for more than 30 years. From a very young age, she has been interested in food, enjoying the lovely aroma of fresh vegetables and mingling with freshly cooked street food from hawker stalls.


Through her passion for learning different cuisines, she and her husband attend cookery courses globally, e.g. in Malaysia, Thailand, Morocco, USA, Paris and the UK

About Massa

Massahito Kimura has been a chef in Tokyo for 15 years, where he specialised in Japanese and French cuisine, which was fashionable at the time when he qualified from his cookery school.


He now lives in Paris with his family, and has worked in Robuchon, Guy Savoy, Troigros and Lameloise, before joining their family restaurant where he has worked for the last 30 years.


Pascale lived in Tokyo for seven years, during which time she studied Japanese and embraced the local way of life. Together with her Japanese husband, Massa, who is a trained chef, Pascale learnt the local cuisine from a master chef. Since moving back to Paris with her family, Pascale has remained very passionate about Japanese food.

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